Building a dialogue between government and civil society

Ongoing dialogue between government and civil society is critically important for Ukraine right now. On February, 9, 2016, a panel discussion was held in Impact Hub Odessa devoted to strengthening communication and building deeper cooperation between new government officials and civil activists. More that 100 participants took part in discussing the revolutionary changes in approaches of recently appointed heads of regional administrations. It became clear that there is not enough actions being made by both parties.

Among the key panellists: Solomiya Bobrovska, Deputy Head of Odessa Regional State Administration; Mykhailo Lev, Head of Sarat Regional State Administration; Andreas Umland, Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation; Sergej Sumlenny, Heinrich-Boll Foundation; Pavlo Palamarchuk, Democratic Alliance; Stefanie Schiffer, European Exchange. A discussion was moderated by Aleksandr Slavskiy.

Video is available here.