Discussion on German political system


Young Generation as a Driving Force in Politics 

Ukraine has to meet many challenges in order to overcome the economic and political crisis. A total transformation of all state institutions is needed, economic and social systems have to be reformed as well. After holding democratic Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2014, the next milestone for Ukraine will be the local elections in the fall of 2015 and Parliamentary elections in 2019. In the last year the young generation turned out to be the driving force in this transformation process. But how can a social activist become a good decision-maker? What challenges and obstacles does one encounter? What are the first steps before and after being elected to the regional or city council? 

Kiev Dialogue and Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation held on the 19th of March the first lecture of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn School on Policy-Making and Development of Civil Society, that focused on German political system. 

The working language was English

Here you can find the program and brochure of the event