Panel discussion 

POLICE VS MILITIA: How does Ukraine seize the chance of reform?


After the Revolution of Dignity Ukraine has inherited the system of law enforcement bodies, which the citizens are completely dissatisfied with, for the reason of their non-transparency, corruption and excessive militarization, the community has no influence upon the priorities in militia’s work, upon appointing and dismissing of employees. So, the reform of law enforcement bodies, militia in particular, attracts the special attention of the Ukrainians.

In course of discussion the experts – law enforcement officers, human rights defenders and public activists – have discussed questions, affecting every citizen:

Has the actual reform of law enforcement system started and what is its substance? What will law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens get as a result of reform implementation? How does militia view the possibility of Ministry of Internal Affairs’ (further – MIA) system reforming? In what way can the society assist in reforming?

Here one may get to know in more detail about the discussion’ content and experts’ viewpoints.