Panel discussion 

Energy independence is our common goal


Energy independence of Ukraine is a strategic issue, the settling of which has to become one of the factors of country’s successful development. The Kiev Dialogue Team joined the ecological organizations’ initiative «Energy independence is our common goal» and conducted within the framework of informational tour the panel discussion, devoted to the problems of energy efficiency and energy saving.

Experts discussed processes that take place in the sphere of energy efficiency and energy saving in Ukraine and in Tscherkassy region, in particular, the content and quality of reforms in the energy sphere; existing possibilities to use public and municipal funds for buildings’ thermal modernization; the availability of energy saving technologies for ordinary citizens, the prospects of adaptation to bicyclists’ needs in Tscherkassy, etc.

The participants of the discussion have also received concrete advices regarding the prudent and far-sighted use of resources, what everyone can do for this purpose.

More details about the contents of discussion here.

Video from information tour can be found at: .