Panel discussion 

Youth empowerment and intensification of its role in the society

Youth empowerment and intensification of its role in the society

On 12th of March Impact Hub Odessa held a panel discussion about the value of Ukrainian youth in political and social activity, consideration its interests in decision-making and also about stirring the youth up.

- Artem Rudomyotkin, chairman of the Youth council at the Odessa mayor, head of the NGO "New Future";
- Volodymyr Kirov, head of family, youth and sports department of the Odessa regional state administration 2007-2010, deputy director of the State institute of family and youth policy 2011-2012;
- Victor Aksanyuk, head of youth, sports and tourism department of the Odessa city council 2005-2006, founder of Odessa youth parliament in 1998;
- Anna Bondarenko, head of youth programs in Impact Hub Odessa, head of the organizing committee of a student conference StudCamp - 2015, volunteer coordinator of Vyshyvankovy festival;
- Anna Krys, head of Odessa branch of National Youth Organization "Debate Federation of Ukraine";
Moderator: Aleksandr Slavskiy, coordinator of the "Kiev Dialogue" in Odessa.

At the first panel of the discussion, the leaders of youth organizations discussed the urgent issues ofinteraction between community leaders, business and government.The second panel was attended by representatives of the authorities in the field ofyouth policy. Almost all speakers agreed on the fact that 10-20 years ago there were the sameproblems, as it is now. However, civil societyorganizations and youth groups have a great potential to change the status quo of the youth policy.