Ukrainian-Russian relations in the wake of the conflict in the east of Ukraine: political prisoners and Minsk Agreements


On 25 January 2016, during the year-opening session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg, representatives of the Ukrainian and Russian civil society gathered at an event organized by the Kiev Dialogue and the Open Dialog Foundation, to discuss with the members of the Assembly the situation of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.
The central part of the event was the presentation of the joint Open Dialog Foundation and Euromaidan SOS report, entitled “28 hostages of the Kremlin”, which details individual cases of mostly Ukrainian citizens, unlawfully detained by the Russian Federation and currently imprisoned in Russia or on the occupied territories of Crimea.

The side-event was hosted by Mr. Pieter Omtzigt, MP


- Davidis Sergei, member of the board of the Human Rights Centre "Memorial", programme manager of the unit for support of political prisoners, Russia;

- Maria Tomak, co-author of the joint EuromaidanSOS and Open Dialog Foundation report on Putin's hostages, member of Euromaidan SOS, Ukraine;

- Alexander Pavlichenko, Charkiw Human Rights Protection Group, Ukraine;

Moderator: Anna Koj, Open Dialog Foundation, Brussels

A short report on the event you can find here